Coronavirus Updates

Update 19 July  2021- COVID19 disease rates are increasing again in NC and it is very important that everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated get protected ASAP since Delta Variant is spreading  quickly. The vaccine is very safe and protects against even the much more contagious Delta Variant.  If you have questions about the vaccine, please call for an appointment so we can answer your questions!

Sandhills Pediatrics was honored to participate in a NC Dept of Health and Human Services Public Service Announcement promoting COVID vaccine.   PSA1- 30 seconds    PSA2- 60 seconds

Get protected against COVID19 AND have a chance to win a million dollars for those over 18 yo- 12-17 yo can win $125,000 for college. Details Here!

We want everyone to get protected so they don’t have long term COVID disease consequences like loss of taste or smell, brain fog, inability to exercise or end up in the hospital or worse but it would be fun for one of our families to win-  Deadline for the last incentive lottery 4 August is COVID19 vaccine administered by Sunday 1 August 11:59pm!

Great news- FDA, ACIP & CDC have authorized Pfizer COVID 19 vaccine for people 12 yo and older! Sandhills Pediatrics is vaccinating patients 12 yo + and any family members.  Please call for an appointment or ask us about it next time you are in the office.

Vaccine finder website <> Vaccine is also available at many local health departments (Moore County 910-947-SHOT) and many local pharmacies, but you need to call and confirm with them that they have Pfizer COVID19 vaccine for those <18yo.  We would like everyone to get protected ASAP against this horrible disease- please talk with your doctor if you have questions or concerns!

Young adults 12 years old until the day they turn 18 years old should receive the Pfizer vaccine, two doses given 21 days apart. Adults 18 years and older can receive any of the authorized COVID vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson &Johnson).

Breastfeeding is NOT a reason not to get to COVID vaccination, and we encourage all of our nursing mothers to receive it.  For more answers about breastfeeding and other COVID vaccine questions, click here to access the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia vaccine education center.

Looking for information on Coronavirus COVID-19? New information is available daily, so we’d like to point you to the continuously updated CDC website for the most reliable information.  We recommend you follow the sensible precautions from the American Academy of Pediatrics provided here. To help us keep your child and other patients healthy, if you suspect your child has a Coronavirus COVID-19 infection, please do not come to walk-in clinic!  Call us and let us know about possible exposures so we can discuss the best plan to provide safe and high quality care.

COVID-19 resources specifically for kids

We have three COVID-19 resources specifically for kids to share.  Susie Boals, who some of you know as an Episcopal Day School librarian, sent us this resource Coronavirus: A Book for Children.  It’s about COVID-19 and the changes and responsibilities it brings to our families.  It’s recommended by school librarians and we like it too.  It’s available as a free download from Amazon.  Dr. Lindsay Johannes-Monroe, our psychologist, recommends this COVID-19 Time Capsule coloring and work book and Trinka and Sam Fighting the Big Virus from the National Child Traumatic Stress Network.  Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, and let us know what you think!

Please don’t let COVID-19 make you miss recommended vaccines!

One of our biggest worries about COVID-19 has been indirect effects of the pandemic on child and teen health, as families limit doctor's visits along with other outings.  The CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics have stressed the importance of pediatric primary care during the COVID-19 pandemic, and particularly the importance of maintaining high vaccination rates to prevent life-threatening disease.  We were disappointed to see recent information about vaccine delivery to children and teens reported in the New York Times.  In Massachusetts, the state health department said its vaccine doses were down 68 percent in the first two weeks of April, compared with the previous year.  And Minnesota reported that its doses of measles, mumps and rubella vaccine dropped by 71 percent toward the end of March!  We worry outbreaks of measles, pertussis, and other vaccine preventable, life-threatening diseases will follow COVID-19.

Please help us prevent vaccine preventable disease in our community.

At Sandhills Pediatrics, all patients and their families are screened for fever and respiratory symptoms when appointments are made.  Every family is greeted when they arrive, often before they even enter the office, and re-screened.  Each office is essentially separated into two halves.  Well checks and similar appointments have their own side of the office, with dedicated well-only check-in staff, nurses, and providers.  We haven't used the waiting room in weeks! If an exam room is not immediately available, families wait in their cars until they can go straight to a room.  We maintain appropriate social distances, wash our hands,  and wear masks at all times.

We are confident coming to Sandhills Pediatrics and we want you to be too!