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Coronavirus Updates

Updated 12 March 2023

Yay!  We have the updated Bivalent COVID vaccine booster for ALL patients 6 months old and older ! This shot protects even better against the new variants- NCDHHS Video.  The Bivalent booster is for patients 6 months and older 2 months after their last dose of COVID vaccine. Updated vaccine is important for everyone, especially our elders- remind the grandparents!

Paxlovid (an oral anti COVID medicine) is available for high risk patients who test positive for COVID, are 12 yo+ and >88 pounds. NC DHHS has a new telemedicine program for those who don't have a doctor.

Flu vaccine is available at all three offices- please call or portal message for a nurse only appointment.  We had an early and bad flu season already which sometimes sets us up for a big wave of flu in March/April -CDC flu map shows high activity in New Mexico and people travel for Spring Break.


COVID vaccine for children 6 months and older is available at all 3 offices- Video PSA- Kids Have a Spot to Take their Shot.  We have both Moderna and Pfizer available for 6mo-5 yo.  Pfizer only for >= 5yo! Please call for an appointment or send us a portal message.

Infant formula shortage questions- see AAP Healthy Kids site  for updated information- Information from NC Dept of Health and Human Services. Can't find formula for your baby younger than 6mo? Please call or portal message us!    Escasez de fórmula infantil

COVID- Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are still very protective against hospitalization and death, so please get vaccinated and boosted ASAP as recommended below!

COVID vaccine is recommended for ALL children 6 months old and older.  AAP, AMA, AAFP & ANA leaders ALL strongly recommend COVID vaccine for children 6 months and older- National video - NC DHHS video

Check to see if you are up to date on COVID vaccine using this handy CDC Site

If you have questions about the vaccine, please call for an appointment so we can answer your questions!

You can fill out forms for COVID vaccine appointments at Sandhills Peds to save time:

CDC Booster Vaccine Chart

Immunocompromised patients (eg kidney transplant, leukemia) should get a third primary dose 28 days after their second dose.

Sandhills Pediatrics is vaccinating patients 6 mo + and any family members.  Please call for an appointment or ask us about it next time you are in the office.

Breastfeeding- is a reason to get the COVID vaccination (protects mom and maybe even baby) and we encourage all of our nursing mothers to receive it.

Pregnancy-  CDC issued an urgent appeal for ALL pregnant people to get vaccinated 29 Sep 2021. The American College of OBGYN now strongly recommends vaccination for pregnant individuals - see here.  For more answers about breastfeeding and other COVID vaccine questions, click here to access the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia vaccine education center.

COVID Vaccine Incentives- Some insurers are paying patients to get vaccinated- preventing a single hospitalization from COVID pays for lots of patients to get gift cards!

  • Wellcare- apply for $50 Walmart card
    • Si tienes el seguro medico de Wellcare y su hijo/hija tiene 5 años omas de edad, y a recibido la vacuna de COVID y recibió la vacuna de COVID desde Septiembre 01, 2021, haga click aquí para solicitar una tarjeta de regalo de WalMart de 50 dolares!
  • Carolina Complete Health- $75 incentive paid to MyHealthPays card automatically when doctor or pharmacy files claim- details here
    • Los pacientes con el seguro medico de Carolina Complete Health que sean mayores de 5 años y reciban una primera, segunda o tercera vacuna de COVID desde el 15 de Noviembre de 2021 recibiran 75 dolares en su tarjeta de recompensa (MyHealthPays). Esto sucede automaticamente cuando la clínica factura el reclamo de la vacuna. Un Pago de 75 dolares porpaciente. Los detalles estan aquí
  • Other Medicaid Plans

Sandhills Pediatrics was honored to participate in a NC Dept of Health and Human Services Public Service Announcement promoting COVID vaccine.   PSA1- 30 seconds    PSA2- 60 seconds


Looking for information on Coronavirus COVID-19? New information is available daily, so we'd like to point you to the continuously updated CDC website for the most reliable information.  We recommend you follow the sensible precautions from the American Academy of Pediatrics provided here. To help us keep your child and other patients healthy, if you suspect your child has a Coronavirus COVID-19 infection, please do not come to walk-in clinic!  Call us and let us know about possible exposures so we can discuss the best plan to provide safe and high quality care.

COVID-19 resources specifically for kids

We have three COVID-19 resources specifically for kids to share.  Susie Boals, who some of you know as an Episcopal Day School librarian, sent us this resource Coronavirus: A Book for Children.  It’s about COVID-19 and the changes and responsibilities it brings to our families.  It’s recommended by school librarians and we like it too.  It’s available as a free download from Amazon.  Dr. Lindsay Johannes-Monroe, our psychologist, recommends this COVID-19 Time Capsule coloring and work book and Trinka and Sam Fighting the Big Virus from the National Child Traumatic Stress Network.  Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, and let us know what you think!

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Sandhills Pediatrics offers virtual care by appointment- please call or portal message to set up!  Click here and one of your regular, trusted Sandhills Pediatrics doctors or nurse practitioners will be able to have a secure video conference with you and your child!  Please pick your clinician's name for your appointment.  (Please remember to enter your child's name at the check-in screen.)

Open to established patients only Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm.  Best problems for Telehealth are rashes, allergies, pinkeye, ADHD - things we can see through the camera!  It doesn't work well for ear infections or "is this strep throat or a pneumonia?".

We are testing this out, so please bear with us - Telehealth platforms are having increased demand due to COVID19 - If you can't reach us or wait longer than 20 minutes, please call us!


At Sandhills Pediatrics, we believe what matters most is that our children grow up happy, healthy, and with the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

This is why we are here. To support healthy, happy families living in a healthy, happy community.

Our Mission

We are a family of caregivers improving the health and happiness
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Our Four Guiding Principles

We seek to achieve this mission by following four guiding principles:

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Our Story

We are a Vaccinating Practice

Sandhills Pediatrics is a vaccinating practice – for the health and safety of our patients and our community. Vaccines prevent serious illnesses and save lives.

Children and young adults should receive all recommended vaccines according to the schedule published by the Centers of Disease Control and the American Academy of Pediatrics.