Sandhills Pediatrics is a Vaccinating Practice

September 21, 2017

21 September 2023 

Sandhills Pediatrics is a vaccinating practice – for the health and safety of our patients and our community.

Vaccines prevent serious illnesses and save lives.

Vaccines are safe.

Children and young adults should receive all recommended vaccines according to the schedule published by the Centers of Disease Control and the American Academy of Pediatrics.  These vaccines and their schedule are the result of decades of scientific study and data gathered on millions of children by thousands of our brightest scientists and physicians. The Pediatricians and Nurse Practitioners of Sandhills Pediatrics protect ourselves and our families according to the standard and proven vaccine schedule recommended by the CDC.

Choosing an alternative schedule is a reckless gamble.

“Alternative” or “delayed” vaccine schedules endanger children’s lives by leaving them less protected at young and vulnerable ages. Patients of Sandhills Pediatrics must receive at least a minimum number of vaccines in a timely manner to remain part of our practice.  Whooping cough, Hib infection, Pneumococcal infection, and Measles remain a serious threat to all children’s health. The primary series of 3 DTaP, 3 Hib, 3 Rotavirus and 3 Prevnar vaccines must be begun by 3 months of age and completed by 9 months of age.

Boosters of DTaP, Hib and Prevnar must be received by 15 months of age.

Patients must receive their first dose of MMR and varicella (chickenpox) vaccine by 16 months of age.  Older children must complete their MMR and Varicella  and whooping cough series before their fifth birthday.

Tdap and Meningococcal vaccine must be received before the 13 yo birthday.

We are happy to discuss vaccine importance and safety at any visit.

We recommend these online resources for more information:

Updated September 2023